100% Free cancellation on bookings

100% Free cancellation on bookings



AirportBookingParking.com is a parking service portal for reservation of parking spots and availing parking facilities provided by their parking partners in the major airports all over Canada and USA with the purpose of providing hassle-free parking experience to the customers. It provides easy pre-booking or reservation of parking spots for the customer’s convenience, guarantees best pricing options and provides fully secured parking for all types of vehicles. By availing the services of AirportParkingBooking.com a traveler can have the peace of mind and absolute time management for a smooth travel.

Please visit http://www.AirportParkingBooking.com and click sign in option. You will be requested for your email address and phone number and your preferred date and time for reservation. By this process, an account is created and you will receive an email parking reservation confirmation receipt with a confirmation number which shows your reserved time, drop off location and the charges for parking. Please make sure to save the parking reservation receipt.

The parking charges are calculated based on the daily rates with your entry time as the starting hour and incremented on a 24-hourly basis. To this amount are added the provincial taxes and airport parking authority fees or surcharges as applicable or any other service fee if applicable notified beforehand at the time of online reservation. However, please be notified that depending on the changes in the local area tariffs, there may be slight variations in the actual amount charged. In the case of extension of parking schedule, additional rates for the number of additional dates shall apply. Also please be notified that advanced online reservation provides cheaper discounted rates upon presenting the reservation confirmation receipt to the cashier upon arrival at the parking lot. In case of failure to provide reservation receipt, credit will not be given for an online booking done earlier. Also, higher charges based on the parking lot shall apply.

Upon reservation completed through the online portal www.airportparkingbooking.com and check out, you will receive an email confirmation receipt with a confirmation number thereby notifying you parking reservation confirmation.

In case you do not receive the reservation receipt, please contact our friendly support staff at the earliest either through the contact page on www.airportparkingbooking.com or email support@airportparkingbooking.com or call customer service at 1-800-airport

You will be requested to provide credit card information on the checkout page. A. Some parking lots charge certain portion (usually less than 10 percent) of the total parking amount at the time of online reservation. The remaining balance is taken at the parking location upon arrival into the parking lot or departure from the parking lot. B. Some other parking lots may charge the entire amount at the time of online reservation. C. In case of an extension of the parking hours All types of credit cards are accepted. Also, you can make a payment through pay-pal. Please make sure to read the parking lot specific instructions carefully to have a hassle-free parking experience.

Just after arriving at the parking lot hand over the reservation receipt to the cashier at the entry booth.

For cancelling a reservation please visit www.airportparkingbooking.com and click view/ book/ cancel button for a cancellation request. A message confirming your booking cancellation will be displayed. You will also receive an automatic email message accepting your cancellation.

All cancellations that are done prior to 24 hours of the scheduled reserved parking date or time are refunded completely. However, cancellations within 24 hours ahead of the reserved parking date or time are accepted but not completely refunded.

Upon arrival at the reserved parking location, please be advised to present the reservation receipt to the cashier at the entry booth for getting credit for online booking. Failure to present the reservation receipt may result in higher parking charges as applied for that parking location for the day.

Upon presentation of the reservation receipt at the entry booth and confirmation of your booking, the staff of the parking partners will take full responsibility to park the vehicle at the reserved location.

To reach the airport flight terminal from the parking lot, you can board the shuttle buses that run all the time from the parking lot itself.

Please avail the services of shuttle buses to reach the entry booth of your parking lot. Alternatively, you can call the customer service for a pick up from the arrival terminal.

If at times it happens that the travel is extended and you do not pick up the vehicle on the specific date and time of arrival, your parking time gets extended automatically and full day charges are applied for each additional number of days.

You may be allowed to park your vehicle with on the spot registration only if parking spots are available at that particular point of time. However full day rates as applicable to that parking lot for that day and onwards are applied. The discounted rate is only for prior online bookings done. Please make sure to read the parking lot specific information displayed on the board near the entry to the parking lot.

Yes, you will receive an automatic email message as a reminder for the soon to be expired parking date or time.

In case of need for an extension and you do not pick up your vehicle, your parking reservation gets extended automatically. You do not have to call the customer service for an extension request. Please note that for any extended day or days of parking time, a full day rate as applicable to the parking lot is applied for each of the number of additional days the vehicle is parked for.

If you happen to return earlier than the specified time, the amount pertaining to the unused number of days is refunded.

Please send a message through the message box in the contact page of www.airportparkingbooking.com or email support@airportparkingbooking.com or call up customer service to register a complaint.

After you receive a reservation receipt and confirmation number, your parking spot is guaranteed. We will make sure to park your vehicle on a highly secured covered parking space that is continuously monitored under CCTV cameras.

This is unusual and far from a possibility. However, in the rarest of the rare cases if it happens that your car is damaged while being parked, your case will be investigated and reviewed for coverage of compensation for damages.

To make things extremely convenient for our customers, the parking lot and the shuttle buses run 24 hours.

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