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Toronto’s Coolest Gelato Spots


Toronto's best gelato spots offer an Italian take on your favorite summer treat, so you can get your dolce vita on...

With flavors ranging from the classics like vanilla and pistachio to the adventurous like raspberry chipotle, there’s a gelato to suit your taste buds.

On a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than a scoop (or three) of gelato. Ice cream’s less-fatty cousin, gelato is made with a blend of mostly milk, some cream, and sugar. It’s denser, creamier and silkier than ice cream, and served with a spade rather than a scoop.

Kekou Gelato

With two locations (one on Queen Street West and one in Baldwin Village), Kekou serves delicious cold treats, featuring a wide variety of Asian inspired gelato flavors. At their Queen Street location, you’ll also find popsicles, soft serve, teas, bobas and pastries. You can find gelato flavors ranging from black sesame and red bean to green tea and HK milk tea. Or you can opt for a gelato bar, topped with melted chocolate and nuts. 

Ed’s Real Scoop

Serving gelato-lovers in four different areas (The Beaches, Leslieville, Roncesvalles, and Mimico), Ed’s Real Scoop offers homemade artisanal gelato you’ll love. Their gelato is a blend made with mostly milk and some cream, and they use only the finest ingredients. Think pistachio gelato made with 100% pure pistachio paste and hand-chopped pistachios, and hazelnut gelato made with pure hazelnut paste. On top of gelato, they also serve ice cream, sorbet and fro-yo, so you can try them all!

Hollywood Gelato

Hollywood Gelato is a family-run gelato shop located in the Leaside area. With 200 recipes in their repertoire, they display their top 22 flavors for their customers. They’re dedicated to creating innovative, fun and top-notch gelato for you to enjoy, and they only use the finest ingredients. Their display case currently features favorites like Reese Peanut Butter, Key Lime Pie, Cake Batter and Tiramisu.

Arte Gelato

A wide open space, unusual for a gelato shop, offering the opportunity to sit inside and enjoy your treat or meal. The gelato has a nice texture and is a refreshing option on a hot summer day. Though you’ll only get one flavor option if you order the smaller size, it does include a small cream-filled biscotti as a wonderful addition.

G is for Gelato

The authentic Italian gelato is creamy and packed with flavor. G is for Gelato offers the classic flavors like lemon, chocolate, vanilla, raspberry and strawberry, as well as some unique takes like vanilla rosewater, blood orange, passion fruit, Baileys, Blueberry Lavender and more. The flavors change daily, as fruits and vegetables are sourced from local farmers and markets. G is for Gelato welcomes flavor ideas and combinations from customers so don’t be shy and offer your idea, you may just see it on the menu.

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