100% Free cancellation on bookings

100% Free cancellation on bookings

Smart Tips for a Smart Traveler


Look for cheap airfares to book your tickets
As is a known fact advance booking might save you a few dollars, it is also a possibility that you might get good deals if you visit the airlines site directly to book your tickets. Also, use price comparison sites, travel metasearch engines that can lead you to sites showing cheap flight deals.

Save time on parking hassles
Parking vehicles before the start of a journey can be an exhausting experience when you keep looking for a spot and do not find one. Also, you would love to save some time for your favorite cup of coffee to unwind. The best thing to do is to look for park and fly options. Some parking providers such as airportparkingbookings.com offer excellent parking options at reasonable rates. They also provide excellent services like car pick up, park safe, and drop off to terminal facilities, all through advanced online reservation options and discounted rates, that can really keep you stress-free and save your precious time on the travel day.

Travel light
It is always very wise to travel light. Packing your luggage light make you travel like a pro. Planning in advance of how to pack can be a smart way to avoid hassles, more so with the existing airport security measures. It is a known fact that all US airlines charge an additional $25 dollars per baggage for check-in. So, keep the luggage light so that you do not end up keeping your wallet light. Lightweight wrinkle-free cotton formals is a good option to avoid excess baggage. Use of Packing envelopes or cubes, compression bags, etc. are an excellent way to pack smart. Flight 001 is a store that specializes in innovative travel smart products.

Choosing the right travel bag
For ease of travel, sturdy and lightweight baggage with appropriate pouches for electronics that are easy to handle can help you travel right. Baggage that has built-in compartments and collapsible chambers for ease of packing are perfect. Expandable and collapsible bags also become handy when you want to be a little flexible on your luggage.

Packing your own lunch?
Inflight food may not give you too many options and can be expensive too.  Carrying a snack in your bag is a wise way to have food of your choice. Sandwiches, wraps, salads, vegetable chips, granola and energy bars, travel size dips and sauces are good stuff to have in flight. Handy food options are saviors when you have a long flight check-in waits.  

Pack your own pillow
A cozy neck pillow and eye shades can add to your comfort inflight especially on longer routes. It is wise to carry your own as some flights may have a charge on them when you ask for in flight.

Call up your car rental
Upon landing and check out from an airport there will be many transit options to help you reach your destination. If you have to take a car rental, you can think about calling up to book a car rental instead of walk-in as booking through calls might give you additional discounts.  

Smart accessories to carry on
Some smart accessories such as Emergency hand Crank Cell phone charger, electronic organizers, wrinkle release sprays, duffle bag, keep your travel organized.

Travel smart apps
One of the wise things to do is to get into the habit of using apps in mobile phones. There are numerous apps that are meant for different purposes such as booking tickets, reservation of hotels, booking car rentals, booking of alternate accommodations, finding your location, some apps that can save you money and an endless list of apps. Although all apps may not be necessary, some apps such as Google flights, Kayak, GasBuddy and others are very popular in making you a wise smart traveler.

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