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Best Things to Do in Toronto


Toronto is a massive city, and happens to be the largest city and most visited city in Canada. It is also one of the most multicultural cities in the world. In fact, it is often pegged as ‘The New York City of Canada’.

See the city from above

At 553 metres, the CN Tower is not only the tallest building in Toronto, but it is also the tallest free standing building on the continent. The CN Tower boasts the highest glass floor paneled elevator in the world, which lifts passengers up to its magnificent glass floored viewing deck.

Surround yourself with history

Since Toronto is one of the multicultural cities. Toronto has a tremendous amount of historical places to visit. The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) is one of the best museums in North America and the best place in Toronto to engulf in history. The ROM has a collection of over six million artefacts, many of which are displayed in its 40 separate galleries. Some galleries are based on natural history, while others are from around the world.

Enjoy the city’s multiculturalism

There is no better place in the city to get a true taste of Toronto’s multiculturalism then Kensington Market. This National Historic Site used to be a Jewish market, but today it has turned into a funky neighbourhood for artists, writers and foodies.

Go to an island

There are 13 islands in total that are spread across 820 acres.Islands are breathtakingly beautiful and the best one to visit in Toronto is the Centre Island.
Centre Island is the most popular of the islands, as it features a massive park with picnic areas, a beach, magnificent gardens and an amusement park. It is best visited in the summer.

Gaze at the Stanley Cup

The Hockey Hall of Fame is a museum that is dedicated to the history of hockey. It is also displays the Stanley Cup, which sits in its Great Hall. In addition to being a museum, the Hockey Hall of Fame is also a hall of fame, just like its name suggests.

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