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Best indoor sports in Toronto


You probably already know about the standard sports in Toronto, but there’s no shortage of activities to shake up your exercise routine. Knife throwing, ping pong, and archery are just a few of the unusual ways to get your heart rate up—and they’re all in the great indoors.

Cold, slushy, snowy days are ahead in Toronto and while the urge to hibernate is strong, there’s plenty of fun things to do inside if you still want to socialize. Here’s a guide to the great indoors in Toronto.

Archer’s Arena

Less Medieval Times than Hunger Games, the combat archery matches at Archer’s Arena will test your speed, accuracy, strength, and teamwork. You and your mates can battle on a field prepped with obstacles, bunkers, and sniper towers. Similar in strategy to paintball or laser tag, combat archery is lo-fi but high-energy. Beginners can count on full instruction and all players are outfitted with safety equipment and weaponry. The 10,000 square-foot facility can accommodate groups of all sizes, and there’s a lounge area and party room on-site too.

Basecamp Climbing
The competition for best indoor climbing facility is fierce, but Basecamp has an edge. Located downtown near Christie Pits in the old Metro adult movie theatre, this 7,000 square-foot gym offers more than 100 different climbing routes that are refreshed on the reg. So no matter how many times you summit, you’ll always find a new challenge. Basecamp staff are friendly and knowledgeable—and not afraid to correct errors in technique, so you can count on staying safe. As an added bonus, there are on-site lockers and indoor bike parking.

Smash Ping Pong Lounge
Even though there are 12 ping pong tables dominating the Smash space, the ample seating, banks of windows, and bustling wait staff make it feel more like a decked-out rec room than a frantic competition venue. A time-and-day dependent pricing grid means flexible paddlers can get a great deal, and on-site TVs and amusement games ensure you’re happily occupied should you have to wait to play. Smash also has a full drinks and pub grub menu with standards like pizza and wings. Vegetarian options are also available.

Joyride 150

Building on the enduring popularity of mountain biking, indoor bike parks began to pop up in cities across the United States in the early 2000s offering everything from trick tracks to cross-country courses. Canada got in on the action in 2009, when Joyride 150 opened in Markham, Ontario—the first and only indoor track in the country. Using the iconography familiar to skiers, this facility marks its sections, trails, lines, and jumps, so riders can start on beginner tracks (green circle) and work up through intermediate (blue square) to expert (black diamond). All you need to get started is a bike and a helmet, both of which you can rent there.

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