100% Free cancellation on bookings

100% Free cancellation on bookings

Sea-Tac Airport Value Parking

2701 S. 200th Street, Seattle, Washington, 124, 98198

  • FREE

    shuttle to airport

  • 1.97 Miles

    away from SEA

  • 24 /7


parking type :

Self Uncovered


  • Handicap

  • Security cameras

  • Exterior fence

parking type & pricing

  • Self Uncovered

    $ 12.95 per day booking


  • Check-In Information

    The parking lot and your vehicle is accessible 24/7.

    Arrive just 15 minutes before you want to be at your terminal. Upon entering you will be directed to a parking space where a shuttle bus will pick you up at your car to immediately take you to your departure terminal.

  • Airport Shuttle Information

    The shuttle service is available 24/7.

    Rate includes free shuttle service.

  • Pickup Information

    Upon your return from travel, simply call from one of the airport van islands & our shuttle van will pick you up. 

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