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Toronto YYZ Parking Reservations

Toronto Parking YYZ Parking bookings:

Lester B Pearson is the second busiest international passenger getaway in the Americas. With millions of passengers travelling and insurmountable cars plying choosing the right parking spot for a safe and secured parking can be challenging. This is where we provide you with our best to offer parking services. We have our parking operators that offer excellent parking spots onsite and offsite, all of which are at minutes distance from the airport. Our toronto airport parking operators offer discounted rates that matches your expectations. Our parking lots operate 24 hours, also providing 24 hours transportation services to the airport from the parking lots. Our online Toronto airport parking reservation system is rated as excellent by our customers. Airport Parking Bookings offers best rates on YYZ long term parking. We value customers just as customers value us. While we take care of all your parking needs you can relax by keeping yourself away from the parking worries.

YYZ Airport Guide:

Toronto Pearson Airport Parking features:

Toronto’s International Airport or the Lester B. Pearson named after Canada’s 14 th Prime Minister and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, is the largest international airport in Canada and one of the busiest airports of North America with the city of Toronto being one of the biggest business centres of the world. It is located 14 miles or 22 kilometres distance from Downtown Toronto.

 Toronto Pearson international airport was established in 1937 with support from the Govt of Canada. It has impressive infrastructure that has existed through years and have also been added from time to time to cater to the demanding needs of the region. Toronto Pearson airport has terminal 1 and terminal 3 and automated Link train facilitates transportation between the two terminals.

Toronto pearson airport has airfield operations, cargo facilities, aircraft maintenance hangers and dedicated terminal for incoming government sponsored refugees of the Syrian Civil War. It is also home to the Toronto area Control Centre one of seven area control centres in Canada operated by Nav Canada. Pearson airport’s De-icing Facility is the largest in the world, servicing over 10,500 aircraft each winter. The six de-icing bays covering a total area of 24 hours can handle 12 aircraft simultaneously.

Some popular Attractions:

 Long flight layovers can be cumbersome but at the Toronto Pearson Airport Parking there are so many options to hang out and spend a wonderful time. For the art lovers, the airport hosts a permanent collection of works from worldwide artists. The airport also commissioned artist from around the globe in the year 2000 to create art that represents Toronto’s unique perspective. The Dinosaur exhibit in terminal 1 and numerous changing exhibits that reflect local and provincial partners such as Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, Ontario Crafts Council, and the Royal Ontario Museum are major attractions.

 Toronto Airport Facilities:

Sometimes all you might want is an excellent lounge area where you can recline, stretch out, browse internet over some coffee with your favourite book. Several lounges such as Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge in terminal 1 and American Airlines Admiral Club in terminal 3 provide access to all travelers irrespective of the business class that they might be traveling. Just pre- booking single visit pass online or lounge membership might be sometimes required. If you are lacking sleep and the lounges are noisy there are some free sleep pods which are the best to catch up with some sleep. Those who prefer a hotel stay there are many hotels close by. The Sheraton Getaway hotel is connected to terminal 3. Airport Parking Bookings provides Toronto Airport Parking (YYZ) parking and shuttle services.

Shopping can be fun for flight layovers. The Toronto Pearson’s Hudson Bay is a popular choice. There are many duty-free shops, shops for travel convenience, some popular apparel brands, bookstores, souvenir stores that are the favourite places people usually hang around in.

After a long and tiring journey if you feel like you have skipped exercise, there is a Good Life Fitness Gym workout facility that features machines, cardio, free weights and stretching areas. Reebok also sells a 20-dollar bundle of sporting apparel and shoes. There are shower facilities by paying a flat rate. There are also spa facilities offering massage and beauty treatments. Airportparkingbookings.com provides short term and long term parking on YYZ airport.

If you wish to go sightseeing, the airport is just 25 kilometers away from Toronto city centre. The Union Pearson Express departs every 15 minutes and you can reach Union Station in 25 minutes. There are also taxi services available. The luggage storage facilities are in the pre- security area in both the terminals.

Toronto Pearson Airport has convenient restaurants, cafes, bars all around. Apart from the regular Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Subway, Swiss Chalet, Mc Donald’s, there are niche places like Acer for the Japanese cuisine, Beerhive for the pub fare, Fetta for unique sandwiches, Pizzeria Corso for fresh pasta and pizza, Nobel Burger bar, Red Rocket 192 Grill Beaches Broadway café and the like.

For those who need a silent meditation before boarding a flight there are various inter-faith chapels. Free wi-fi facilities to stay connected, mobile charging stations, children play area, currency exchange ICE, ATM machines and walk in medical clinics such as the Apple Tree Medical Centre in case one is feeling sick are the conveniences in Toronto Pearson. Airport Parking Bookings offers you valet airport parking service with secure and safe parking.

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